For safety-critical or demanding applications our high quality CHQ wire sourced from world-class Japanese mills is a must.   Not only can you be sure of meeting your customer’s requirements first time but you also benefit from the confidence of well-motivated employees who know they are working with the best materials to produce the best.

For High-Performance Tapping Screws

Grade:  GTO SWCH10AM

Type:  Micro Alloy Steel

Application:  M3~M6 High Performance Tapping Screws

Feature:  Capable of tapping into thin, high strength (980 MPa) steel plates/sheets

For Tapping Bolts

Grade:  GTO SWCH10CR

Type:  Micro Alloy Steel

Application:  M6~M12, Grade 8.8~10.9 “tapping” Bolts

Feature:  Bolt with self-tapping capabilities; eliminates nuts

Specialty Steels

Anti-Corrosive for Self-Drilling & Tapping Screws

Grade:  YUS-550

Type:  Martensitic stainless Steel

Application:  Self-drilling & tapping screws

Feature:  Anti-corrosive with cold-forming properties equal to or superior to SUS 304

For Complex Screw Configurations or Deep Drawn Parts

Grade:  XM7-SH

Type:  Stainless Steel

Application:  Complex screw configurations or deep drawn parts

Feature:  Good formability

CHQ Wire

For Miniature Screws - No Heat Treatment

Grade:  TDL4

Type:  Micro Alloy Steel

Application:  Under M3 miniature screws for tapping into plastics.

Feature:  Good torsional resistance, high tensile strength (900~1,000 MPa); Eliminates heat treatment, baking & delayed fracture

JICAM represents Miyazaki Seiko, the leading cold forming material mill in Japan, for its business overseas.  Starting with cold drawn bars in 1938 Miyazaki advanced into cold heading quality wire, pipe-in-coil and fine slugs (semi-finished precision parts).   Because of this vertical integration know-how gained in one division is transparent to all its divisions and this pool of knowledge in cold forming is reflected in the quality of its product and customer satisfaction.