Market Entry/Outsourcing Services

JICAM offers the following market entry services for manufactured goods into Japan or the United States:

  1. Bullet Representation - office functions including legal, accounting & auditing

  2. Bullet Market/sales channel development

  3. Bullet After-sales service and maintenance

  4. Bullet Importation & stocking programs

  5. Bullet HR recruits & development

  6. Bullet Outsourcing

If you need expertise in international trade then our services can provide an effective and relatively low cost solution.

Example 1

A North American manufacturer of automotive safety parts had a potential customer in Japan but that customer wanted just-in-time delivery and a local liaison office with which they could communicate in their native tongue.  Costs prohibited the setting up of a full-blown branch office.

JICAM Pacific provided a cost-effective solution by importing and administering a stocking program in Japan on behalf of the manufacturer with daily deliveries to the customer utilizing a third party warehouse company.

Example 2

A manufacturer located in North America that sourced helical springs from another local manufacturer needed to take cost out of the product in order to remain competitive in its market but did not want to become involved in overseas trade.

JICAM North America located a qualified spring manufacturer in Asia and arranged to purchase, import and sell the springs to the end-user’s local spring source who had agreed to stock and sell to the end user on an as-needed basis.   The end user benefited not only from lower cost but also from being able to continue ordering from its long term supplier as if it was a purely domestic transaction