JICAM provides creative solutions through high quality materials and products for the cold heading and metal forming industries.  Our customers are constantly challenging the limits of technology and recognize the role of creativity, quality and final in-place costs as the keys to customer satisfaction and their future success.

Strategically located in the industrial cities of Osaka, Japan, and Rockford, Illinois, we are extensively networked with manufacturers, engineers and other technology specialists.   Our portfolio of products comprises world-class cold heading quality wire from leading Japanese wire mills, including innovative designer steels targeted at specific applications, precision slugs (semi-finished steel products), TORX and TORX Plus tooling for miniatures and specialty fasteners.

Let our multi-national staff seamlessly bridge cultural differences

JICAM pioneered anti-galling stainless steel for fasteners used in the HDD industry to resolve the problem of galling, which is the welding together of two mated parts due to excessive friction during fastening.

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